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Sales department

Purchasing and sales



The purchasing functions include logging and monitoring
of demand, procurement contracts, outgoing and in-house
orders as well as tracking the merchandise in warehouses
and supply monitoring.

This subsystem is also interconnected with the
reservation system of the Production Subsystem.


Application properties


The sales process is comprised of the order processing management, commercial contracts monitoring, quote and offer forming and invoicing.

In addition to the aforementioned basic sales processes, we also offer in-house invoicing module, shipping module and local clearance module


The application is composed of the following application modules:
Employee lunch
Materials management
Purchasing of goods and services planning
Purchasing | Sales
Retail sales

The Retail Sales Subsystem operates in connection with the application subsystem of sales, materials management and current account book. Retail Sales Subsystem ensures management of supplies among different sales units, in-house orders to the central wharehouse, sales to legal and private entities, consumer credit sales, installment sale, as well as sales and cashing of gift certificates.

You can sell your own or consignment goods through retail sales. We ensure supply management for individual sales units and support for financial customer operations.

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