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Production information system



The Production System encompasses basic functions of
standardization, development, tehnological preparation
of production, production operation planning, production
monitoring, production logistics and product finishing
with calculations, billing and analyses.


Application properties


Production Information System is a computer aided system, that offers support for purchasing, development, planning, preperation, monitoring, billing and analysing the production process.

The Production Information System is composed of multyple logically and functionally interconnected items.

In the Basic Data and Technological Production Basis part you can define the basic information about production objects (PO), changes, drawings, devices, tools, workers, basic operations, standard characteristics and testing methods, used for creating tecnological procedures. System for ordering, planning, reservation of stock and establishing needs is a connecting element for sales, operational planning, production monitoring and purchasing.

It includes the forming of production orders and connection with the sales orders, production planning, material requirements forecasting, actual material requirements, production capacities, worker and tool requirements, reservation of stock, preperation for in-house ordering of material and semimanufactures and opening of work orders.

Next is the operational preperation and monitoring of work orders, which enables the input of technologically defined work orders, launching and rearanging the individual tasks in operation, creating production documentation, preperation of material documents, monitoring of actual employee and machine/tool utilization, etc.

In the production analysis part we can run different analyses for the needs of production management, for example a review of the use of material and working time according to individual criteria across different levels of production, work in progress overview, preperation of data for salary billing, overview of the current state and the trend of quality, etc..

Within the production analysis we also provide the option of doing calculations and post calculations of production and also simulations based on norm data and different cost inputs for all elements of an individual calculation.


Our Production Information System is the result of multiple years of experience in development and implementation od such systems into various Slovenian companies. It is used for different types of production (on demand, serial, project oriented).

The system enables efficient management of changes, both on the side of the customer and the producer throughout the production cycle (products, semimanufactured goods, tools, technological procedures, work orders and their items, reports, hand-overs), their evaluation and connection with the environment.

With production monitoring according to batches (products, semi manufactured goods, material) you can succesfully manage batch production, issue and monitor batch labels, which provides you good traceability throughout the production process.

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