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Finance and accounting

Finance and Accounting Subsystem



The Finance and Accounting Subsystem is a modern computer
aided support system for the finance and accounting functions,
which represent one of the basic business functions of a company.


Application properties


The benefit of a computer aided Finace and Accounting subsystem is the input and storage of all the relevant data, which are later retrievable whenever needed. This fulfils one of the core principals of accounting, namely the economic use of resources.


The application is composed of the following application modules:
General Ledger and Cost Bookkeeping | Evidential entry – cash flow
Cashier accounting | Services cashier
In-house finance operations | Income
Countertrading | Foreign-currency operations
Current account book of accounts receivables and payables | Invoice Verification
Credit Accounting | Deposit Accounting
Value added tax analytics | Travel Forms
Fixed assets | Investments in motion

The computer aided support utilizes all the necessary legislation (Companies act, Slovenian accounting standards, International accounting standards and legislation for certain fields, such as the Value Added Tax law).

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