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Public institutions and companies

Public institutions and companies

Content and architecture of the Business Information System for public institutions and companies


The Business Information System for public institutions and companies is comprised of:

  • Business Intelligence Subsystem
  • Finance and Accounting Subsystem
  • Sales Department Subsystem
  • HRM Subsystem

The Business Information System provides support for the following sectors:

  • Higher education
  • Television and broadcasting
  • Telecomunications
  • Banking


Business Intelligence Subsystem

Business intelligence enables ongoing analysis of acquired results and monitoring of key indicators, therefore contributing to the efficiency of the institution/company.

Our Business Intelligence Subsystem enables you to have a greater influence on the outcomes and the option of quick decision making based on key indicator monitoring and results monitoring. A better overview over the past, present and future operations can prove invaluable in the higly competitive business environment.


Finance and Accounting Subsystem

Finance is one of the key business areas of a company. The Finance and Accounting Subsystem provides suppport in the form of a modern computer aided accounting and finance information system.

The benefit of a computer aided Finace and Accounting system is the input and storage of all the relevant data, which are later retrievable whenever needed. This fulfils one of the core principals od accounting, namely the economic use of resources.


Sales Department Subsystem

The Sales Department Subsystem encompasses the holistic support for the purchasing and sales processes. Such computer aided subsystem enables better management of purchasing and sales functions in the company or institution.

The purchasing functions include logging and monitoring of procurement contracts, outgoing, public and in-house orders as well as documented tracking of the merchandise in warehouses and supply monitoring.

This subsystem is also interconnected with the accounting subsystem, especially in the area of materials management and termination of received documents.


HRM Subsystem

Our HRM Subsystem provides support for a better management of human resource records and related processes in human resource management of a company or institution.

The HRM Subsystem is interconnected with the Finance and Accounting Subsystem, especially in the area regarding salaries and other monetary transactions between the employee and the company or institution.

The Subsystem enables input of all relevant data and provides a wide range of possible reviews and statistical analyses.