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Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI)



Business Intelligence contributes to the efficiency
of the organization, for it enables the handling of
a great amount of data, daily monitoring of all aspects
of business, ongoing analysis of acquired results and
monitoring of key indicators, therefore enabling and
supporting the competitive advantage of the organization.


Application properties


Business Intelligence is represented by a multitude of methods and concepts that improve business decision making with the use of decision making systems based on actual data.

Business Intelligence enables the analysis of past, present, and future business events. Business Intelligence System is comprised of:

• data warehouses,
• data transfer, cleaning and transformation systems,
• multydimensional models in the form of OLAP cubes,
• a multitude of solutions for users, including Pivot Tables, as well as modern visualization tools and statistical tools.

The presented solution are apropriate for monitoring all kinds of standard business processes, such as production, logistics, purchasing, sales, human resource management, finance and accounting, as well as specialized business processes that are organization specific and are developed individually by us for our customer needs.

Our standard Business Intelligence System is composed of the following modules:

Monitoring of Sales Department Subsystem | Monitoring of Finance and Accounting Subsystem | Monitoring of HRM Subsystem.

Our Business Intelligence Subsystem enables you to have a greater influence on the outcomes and the option of quick decision making based on key indicator monitoring and results monitoring. A better overview over the past present and future operations can prove invaluable in the higly competitive business environment.

All the products of the Business Intelligence System are very user friendly, as they are made for analytics, control services, management boards, etc., that usually don’t have highly technical expertise.

The user himself can quickly create a business report. It is very easy to add visualizations in the form of charts to such report. The constant variatons of users of such systems forced the developers to develop multi-level applications, that are accessible through internet browsers.

The common architecture that is accessible through a user portal is an advantage of modern Business Intelligence technologies. It includes procedures of automatic lauching of defined processes, and automatic notifications through e-mail and mobile phones. The professional business working environment is accessible 24h a day from any location.

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