RC IRC Celje



Content and architecture of the Banking Information System

The Banking Information system is composed of:

  • Credit and Guarantee Business Subsystem
  • Deposit Subsystem
  • Centralized Inventory of Insurance
  • Credit Card Management (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Factoring


Credit and Guarantee Business Subsystem

The subsystem is used for managment and monitorng of active home and foreign currency credits of legal enities, and guarantee business in national and international environment.


Deposit Subsystem

The Subsystem enables management of assets in domestic and foreign currency. It supports foreign currency deposits with accounting for conversion rate differences, management of interbanking deposits, recall deposits and nighttime deposits with direct communication to the payment transactions.


Centralized Inventory of Insurance

The Subsystem is meant for managment of insurance of banks receivables towards legal and private entities. It registers and manages the whole off-balance-sheet records, and ensures control in approvement of new business contracts, as well as reporting to the central bank (of Slovenia).


Credit Card Management Subsystem (Visa and MasterCard)

The Credit Card Management Subsystem enables management and monitoring of credit card transactions.



The Factoring application is an individual application that supports the making and managing of factoring related business. Because it is a stand alone application, it is also appropriate for organizations that deal with repurchasing or managing of invoices. It offers an oveview of business operation as well as management of internal loans, deposits, debt recovery and preperations for the general ledger.