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The company RC IRC Celje combines a research and development group of experts with knowledge and good understanding of the Slovenian business environment, legislation and standards, as well as components of business systems, which enable us to offer you different bundles of application solutions.

The company itself could be described as a creative organism devoted to development, implementation and maintenance of information products, that enable various types of business systems to make a leap in the area of excellence, quality nad reliability.


Basic info:

Company name RC IRC Celje, d.o.o
Adress Ul. XIV. divizije 14 3000 Celje
Telefon 03 427 4200
Telefax 03 427 4198
www https://www.rcc-irc.si
Comany representative Bojan Andrejaš
Position CEO
ID for VAT SI 74848542
Registration number 5098513
Founding year 1976
Type of ownership private