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ERP systems


Modern ERP systems


Modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system
represents a holistic solution that enables the
organization fast responsiveness and good connectivity
with customers, suppliers, and other business partners.
An important feature of the ERP system is the integration
of all company data and processes into a single system.



IRC ERP system covers a wide array of business functions and services that can be connected into a single database. ERP system is composed of subsystems, such as Human resource records, Production, Sales department, Salary billing, Finance and accounting, and Planning and scheduling.

IRC ERP is composed of individual codependent business functions that undergo constant content updates and follow the modern information technology trends.

Each of the individual business functions can be independently integrated into the existent information environment and is developed with the possibility to connect with other information systems. All functions can also be integrated into one holistic ERP system.

IRC ERP system